Postscript Magazine was formed in Paris, France in March 2018, and now has a global team of editors, contributors, and interns. We post monthly issues of art and writing that push the boundaries of critical thinking. All forms are welcome – poetry, fiction, social commentary, personal essays, reviews, research/academia, visual arts etc. Our issues are frequently themed.

You go to a footnote to find a specific detail, a more complex story. That is why we are Postscript: one footnote that gives space to lasting discourse on society and culture. Readers will be asked to leave their comfort zones, to go beyond what they know, to be curious and compassionate.

Ultimately, we seek to champion good and meaningful art and writing. Work that pushes the status quo of thought. Work that is culturally curious, restless and nuanced. Work that is intersectional. Work that destablilizes, decentralizes and challenges hegemony. Work that is creative, critical, and engages deeply with the internal and external.

We urge you to take what you see, think it over, discuss and share.

New issues come out on the first Monday of each month.




Garreth Chan

Isabella Peralta