“Uncontrollable” by Rooney Ong Jing Ren

Rooney Ong Jing Ren is an emerging artist and graphic designer based in Malaysia. He works primarily in acrylic on wood.


“I use the technique of applying paint to a wood surface in order to form a pattern or image. As a living material, it incorporates the organic, irregular forms I have always been drawn to.”

His 2019 series entitled “UNCONTROLLABLE” demonstrates that this world is not what we think it is.

“Humanity has been told a massive lie about their own existence, yet so many people suffer blindly. Humanity suffers because of wearing the veils of delusion, the veils of ignorance like I used to wear. I want to admonish others through these series, life is not a competition. It’s a journey and it will be very wise of them if they choose to experience everything and enjoying every bit of it. Have no fear, anxiety, or depression, this is fuel for those negative entities.”

Faded Heart I
Faded Heart II