principles of past, present, future


I am me
you are you
yet once there was a time
when two infused.

1 is me
but, 1 is you
thus 1 + 1 by no means equals 2.

3 is color
3, a creation.
3 is the unexpected collapse of our bodies
consuming an ineffable sensation.

3 is complete
3, a configuration
of all the lost puzzle pieces
magnetically connected,
unlocking sacred information.

it’s a simple equation, you see 3 is formation,
yet 3 is an empire emerged
from a secret temptation.
3 grew rapidly, 3 was too dense

3, though stuck
in isolation, simply composed
extreme sense.

3 was my favorite person,
most potent of all beings
3 brutally woke me up although I felt
I was fucking dreaming.

3 was no enigma, you see
3 was clearly speaking
spitting the language of tongue without words
only they could understand the meaning.

3 was the earth, wind, fire, and the water
beige pages painted by me and their co-author.
a blank slate revisited from the past, written words found
foreign yet familiar.

3 was innocent
3 was erotic
3 was a re-occurring restlessness rounded
in a sleep so gently symphonic.

without 2, there is no 3.
you see, 1 is a holy entity
but perhaps not all natural numbers are whole.
nor complete.



Image courtesy of the author, “Trayendo flores de entre los muertos”